Setting up KrigR

Installing KrigR

First of all, we need to install KrigR.

Until we have implemented our development ideas and goals, KrigR will not be submitted to CRAN to avoid the hassle of updating an already accepted package.

For the time being, KrigR is only available through the associated GitHub repository.

Here, we use the devtools package within R to get access to the install_github() function. For this to run, we need to tell R to not stop the installation from GitHub as soon as a warning is produced. This would stop the installation process as early as one of the KrigR dependencies hits a warning as benign as Package XYZ was built under R Version X.X.X which can usually be ignored safely.

Subsequently, KrigR can be installed and loaded as follows:


CDS API Access

Before you can access Climate Data Store (CDS) products through KrigR, you need to open up an account at the CDS and create an API key.

Once you have done so, we recommend you register the user ID and API Key as characters as seen below (this will match the naming scheme in our workshop material):

API_User <- 12345
API_Key <- "YourApiKeyGoesHereAsACharacterString"

Don’t forget to sign the terms and conditions of the CDS!

You are now ready for KrigR.

If this is your first contact with KrigR, we recommend strongly you follow the workshop material in order. If you return to KrigR with specific questions or ideas, we recommend you make use of the search function at the top left of this page. If you are short on time, the quick start guide will be useful to you.