Statistical Downscaling

Setting up KrigR

Set-up instructions for `KrigR` and preparations for the workshop.

The Theory Behind KrigR

Introduction to the theory and considerations of climate reanalyses and statistical downscaling applications.

Quick Guide

This part of the workshop is meant to give a very brief introduction to KrigR and I highly recommend you peruse the rest of the content, too. -- -- Pre-KrigR Housekeeping Before we can commence the quick start guide, I want to set up a directory structure and prepare some plotting functions to make the rest of the guide run more smoothly.

Preparing the Workshop

Preparations for the workshop.

Downloading & Processing

Download specifications and considerations with `KrigR`.

Statistical Downscaling

Kriging specifications and considerations with `KrigR`.

Bioclimatic Variables

Using KrigR to obtain bioclimatic variables.

Third-Party Data

Using `KrigR` with third-party data.

Projection Downscaling

This part of the workshop is dependant on set-up and preparation done previously here. First, we load KrigR: library(KrigR) I expect that you will often be interested not just in past and current climatic conditions, but also in future projections of climate data at high spatial resolutions.

Development Goals

The future directions for `KrigR`.