Climate Data

KrigR - A Tool for Statistically Downscaling Climate Reanalysis Data for Ecological Applications

An R Package aimed at end-users of state-of-the-art climate reanalysis data to streamline retrieval, pre-processing, and statistical interpolation of ERA5(-Land) data.

KrigR Workshop - Introduction to the R Package

A short introduction to the KrigR R Package designed to download, aggregate, and statistically downscale state-of-the-art climate data.

Effects of Biological Extinctions across Scales and Trophic Levels

My PhD project and its working packages.

KrigR - Downloading and Downscaling of ERA5(-Land) data using R

An `R` package designed for intuitive downloading, aggregating, and statistical downscaling of ERA5(-Land) data.

KrigR - Downscaling State-of-the-Art Climate Data for Macroecologists

A web-based workshop to introduce the `R`-Package `KrigR` which introduces intuitive downloading and downscaling methods for ERA5(-Land) climate reanalysis data to `R`-users.

KrigR - Climate Data for Your Spatial Study

A short introduction talk to my `R`-Package `KrigR` in its early development.