KrigR – A tool for downloading and statistically downscaling climate reanalysis data

An R Package aimed at end-users of state-of-the-art climate reanalysis data to streamline retrieval, pre-processing, and statistical interpolation of ERA5(-Land) data.

Reconciling high resolution climate datasets using KrigR

Exploration of the usage of KrigR and implications for the wider field of climate data products for the use in Life Science research.

Bioclimatic Variables with the KrigR Package

A short introduction obtaining bioclimatic variables through the KrigR package.

KrigR Workshop - Introduction to the R Package

A short introduction to the KrigR R Package designed to download, aggregate, and statistically downscale state-of-the-art climate data.

Causes and Processes of Dryland Vegetation Memory

Throughout this project, I aim to identify underlying causes - biological and abiotic - to the striking patterns of vegetation memory I identified in a previous project.

KrigR - Downloading and Downscaling of ERA5(-Land) data using R

An `R` package designed for intuitive downloading, aggregating, and statistical downscaling of ERA5(-Land) data.

Vegetation Memory across Global Dryland Regions

Vegetation memory has been proposed as a proxy for ecosystem resilience. Here, I investigate how well this proxy captures processes of vegetation performance.

KrigR - Downscaling State-of-the-Art Climate Data for Macroecologists

A web-based workshop to introduce the `R`-Package `KrigR` which introduces intuitive downloading and downscaling methods for ERA5(-Land) climate reanalysis data to `R`-users.

KrigR - Climate Data for Your Spatial Study

A short introduction talk to my `R`-Package `KrigR` in its early development.