Learning Goals

The material presented here is aimed at providing the reader with:

  1. A solid grasp of basic biostatistics
    • Have an overview of available methods
    • Be able to judge the applicability of individual methods 2 Basic proficiency in using R
    • Know base commands and how they function
    • Be able to prepare biologically relevant data sets for further analysis
    • Be able to apply basic statistical methods to biologically relevant data sets 3 Research Design
    • Understand how to formulate testable hypotheses
    • Know the importance of proper statistical approaches in research
    • Being able to critically assess statistical methods in research publications


The seminar series covers the following:

  1. Introduction
    • An Introduction to Basic Statistics for Biologists
    • Introduction to R
  2. Basic statistical terminology
    • A primer for Statistical Tests
    • Descriptive Statistics
    • Data Visualisation
    • Inferential Statistics, Hypotheses and our Research Project
  3. Handling Data
    • Data Handling and Data Mining
  4. Non-parametric tests
    • Nominal Tests
    • Correlation Tests
    • Ordinal and Metric Tests for two-sample situations
    • Ordinal and Metric Tests for more than two-sample situations
  5. Parametric tests
    • Simple Parametric Tests
  6. Closing
    • Summary, Manuscript Workflow and an Outlook on Advanced Statistics


You can also find all of this on GitHub.

If you find any typos in my material, are unhappy with some of what or how I am presenting or simply unclear about thing, do not hesitate to contact me.

All the best, Erik