Week 05-08 2021 | Aarhus, DK

[English] The Highs and Lows of PhD Life If you remember my last PhD-Diary entry, you will know just great of a start I had into 2021 in terms of PhD life and accomplishments.

Week 50-53 2020 & Week 01-04 2021 | Aarhus, DK

[English] New Year, Old Me, New Motivation Today is going to be a big one. Not only because I missed my last monthly PhD-Diary entry, but also because a lot happened in the last two months.

Week 45-49 2020 | Aarhus, DK

[English] Workshops Galore Can it really be? A new PhD Diary entry by me? Almost on-time as well?! You might be thinking: “Erik sure must have caught up with his workload to be able to write a Diary entry.

Week 38-44 2020 | Aarhus, DK

[English] Three monitors are not enough I was always told that the PhD life is pretty chill in the first year or so, but ramps up in terms of stress majorly towards the end of the third year.

Week 32-37 2020 | Aarhus, DK

[English] Mountains of Work Long time, no read. Coming off the mountains after my holidays, I had mountains of work waiting for me which – curiously – have only gotten bigger over the last few weeks despite me working on them non-stop.

Week 28-31 2020 | Aarhus, DK & Bergen, NO

[English] Retreat to the Mountains Here I go making a monthly update again. My holidays ended up approaching faster than I could keep up with and so I scrapped my PhD Diary update for weeks 28 & 29 and combined them with the entry for weeks 30 & 31.

Week 26-27 2020 | Aarhus, DK

[English] Big Changes Boy. Those last two weeks were quite something. I’m seriously starting to feel a need for some holidays at this point. So what happened? Well, nothing bad. Just… a lot.

Week 22-25 2020 | Aarhus, DK

[English] Lockdown Eases Up Here I go missing another bi-weekly post again. Interestingly enough, skipping my last PhD Diary entry seems to have had a negative effect on me as I am feeling like I haven’t achieved much in the last four weeks.

Week 20/21 2020 | Aarhus, DK

[English] Enjoying Life Again, I am a tad late on my bi-weekly PhD Diary entry. This time, it’s not because the social distancing rules have me feeling down – quite the contrary: I.

Week 18/19 2020 | Aarhus, DK

[English] Lifting the Veil The last two weeks have not been terribly productive in terms of data crunching or other analyses. Instead, I devoted myself largely to literature research and I can now safely say that the actual statistical methods and data requirements for my first three work packages are becoming ever more clear and I am revelling in the feeling of lifting the veil of the road ahead!