Biological Networks

Bayesian Networks

A series of seminars, presentations and solutions to exercise material aimed at providing an introduction to Bayesian Network analysis tools.

Integrating Ecological Networks in Macroecological Research - Enhancing Projections of Biodiversity in the Anthropocene

An introduction to my PhD work and ongoing research for colleagues at UiO.

A Novel Simulation Framework for Validation of Ecological Network Inference

Simulation framework for generation of data ready for ecological network inference and validation of network inference approaches.

Ecological Network Resilience & Extinction Proxies - Updating Projections of Ecological Networks

Exploration of biodiversity scenarios of 81 mutualistic networks following extinction simulations according to different primary extinction risk proxies, ecological network resilience characteristics, and extinction cascade directionalities.

Ecological Network Inference is not Consistent Across Scales or Approaches

Comparison of ecological network inferred with contemporary methodology across ecologically relevant scales.

Data Simplification for Ecological Network Inference

A look at initial results of my second PhD chapter.

A Macroecological Perspective to Ecological Networks

My PhD project and its working packages.

Bayesian Networks Study Group

I have established and am running a group-exercise for learning Bayesian Network methdology and inference from the ground up with an assortment of colleagues. This group is run through zoom and open to anyone.

BIOlogical response RATES to current rates of environmental changes

My PhD project is a part of this greater research framework within which my colleagues and I investigate how species compositions and interactions are shaped.

Species Associations Across Scales of Organisation

A presentation of my PhD plans to the SalGo-Team.