Prototype biodiversity digital twin - crop wild relatives genetic resources for food security

Early-stage outcome of my contributions to the BioDT project.

Plant trait and vegetation data along a 1314m elevation gradient with fire history in Puna grasslands, Perú

Plant Functional Trait Campaign Dataset from the Peruvian Andes.

NetworkExtinction - An R Package to Simulate Extinction Propagation and Rewiring Potential in Ecological Networks

R package for exploration of extinction and rewiring processes in ecological networks.

MOSAIC - A Unified Trait Database to Complement Structured Population Models

Integration of multiple demographic data bases into one easily accessible one-stop-shop for your demographic needs.

A novel trophic cascade between cougars and feral donkeys shapes desert wetlands

Analysis of spatio-temporal behaviour of donkeys and other grazers in response to predation by cougars.