Bayesian Networks

A series of seminars, presentations and solutions to exercise material aimed at providing an introduction to Bayesian Network analysis tools.

BFTP - Biome Detection through Remote Sensing

This is a three-part series of exercises for the BFTP (Biological Scientific Research in Theory and Practice) course at Aarhus University. Within these exercises, I walk you through the basics of remote sensing analyses in R as needed for macroecological purposes.

BioStat 101 - An Introduction to Biostatistics

This is a series of lectures and seminars designed for B.Sc. students of biology and should serve as an introduction to the basics of biostatistics using R. I taught these topics at the University of Leipzig but invite everyone who stumbles across this page to make use of what I'm presenting here as all of my material has been designed with the students interest in mind and should thus be self-sufficient.

Excursions into Biostatistics

A selection of talks related to general topics of biostatistical concern I have given throughout the years.

Accessing, handling, and referencing open biodiversity data using the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF)

Workshop material introducing concepts and giving practical examples for obtaining GBIF data using `rgbif`. Presented at the Living Norway Colloquium 2023 in Trondheim.

Statistical Rethinking

Summaries and solutions to exercises contained in the Statistical Rethinking material by Richard McElreath.

KrigR Workshop

Workshop material for getting started and becoming adept at using the `R` Package `KrigR`.