Week 16/17 2020 | Aarhus, DK

[English] Time Flies Up front: this is the first time I am going on record here in lamenting how quickly the time of my PhD project seems to be passing me by and it definitely won’t be the last.

Week 12-15 2020 | Aarhus, DK

[English] Double-Whammy in Social Isolation Well, here we have it. Going into my PhD project and setting up this virtual diary, I knew I would miss my self-imposed bi-weekly schedule at some point.

Week 10/11 2020 | Aarhus, DK

[English] First Paper Draft & Heading Into Lockdown Week 10 marked a big step in my academic career. I finished the first full draft of my first-ever paper. This is the final product of work started during my M.

Week 08/09 2020 | Hamburg, DE

[English] PC Issues & Winter school Week 8 started me of in a rough patch. A failing SSD drive in my personal PC went completely bust on me. Unfortunately, I have not received a university notebook yet so this spelled potential disaster.

Week 06/07 2020 | Aarhus, DK

[English] Overwhelmed and Excited Just like that, another two weeks pass. I can already tell that these three years will pass by faster than I would like. So it is that, during the last two weeks, I dealt with Danish bureaucracy which was more of a headache than it had any right to be, if I’m being perfectly honest – even for a German who’s used to bureaucracy by birth .

Week 04/05 2020 | Aarhus, DK

[English] Getting Started on my PhD Journey So, this is it then. Back at the Technical University of Dresden, it was October 2013 and I had just started my undergraduate studies when I first met a PhD student who was working as a teaching assistant on one of our lab practicals.