Work placements I have been on or am currently engaged with. You will find a more all-encompassing overview of my qualifications and experiences on my CV.


Visiting Researcher

Complexity Science and Evolution Unit, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology

Jan 2024 – Present 1919-1 Tancha, Onna-son, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa

Responsibilities include:

  • Statistical consultant
  • Analyses of large simulation data to study evolutionary rescue dynamics

Senior Engineer

Natural History Museum, University of Oslo

Mar 2023 – Present Lids Hus, Sars' gate, Oslo, Oslo, 0562

Responsibilities include:

  • Lead of task 4.3 of the BioDT project (facilitation and coordination of collaboration between European Rsearch Infrastructure nodes):

    • Capacity and awareness building among RI nodes and European data publishers to deliver the new data streams
    • Network creation for Biodiversity informatics expertise
  • Statistical consultant/advisor for BioDT use cases

  • Statistical education and lecturing


Research Affiliate

SalGo-Team, Oxford University

Oct 2019 – Present 11a Mansfield Rd, Oxford OX1 3SZ

Responsibilities include:

  • Statistical consultant/advisor
  • Statistical education and lecturing

Research Fellow

Ecological and Environmental Change Research Group, University of Bergen

Sep 2019 – Dec 2019 Bergen, NO
Global dryland vegetation memory research funded via the Fast-Track-Initiative programme (see Honours & Awards).

Research & Outreach Assistant

Primate Research Centre, University of Kyoto

Jul 2018 – Jul 2018 Inuyama & Yakushima, JP

Responsibilities include:

  • Collecting faecal & recording behaviour samples of Japanese macaques
  • Analysing behavioural interactions via network analyses
  • Creating a text-based adventure game about behavioural studies

Research & Teaching Assistant

Behavioural Ecology Research Group, University of Leipzig

Mar 2017 – Aug 2019 Leipzig, DE

Responsibilities include:

  • Analysing primate odour profiles
  • Assessing a variety of statistical methods for analytical power in identifying odour effects
  • Generating data with various implemented odour effects on which to test the methods

Awards & Honors

Awards, Scholarships and/or Grants awarded to me over the years.

Scholarship for Academically Excellent Students

An annual grant scheme for academically excellent students to facilitate field work, conference visits, and course participation.

Best Poster: Student and Early Career Researcher

Award for excellent contributiuon to Ecological Modelling.

Modeler’s Choice: Poster Award

Award for excellent contributiuon to Ecological Modelling.

Scholarship for Particularly Talented Students

An annual grant scheme for particularly talented students at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at the University of Bergen.

Bjerknes Fast-Track Initative

An annual grant scheme for focused, short-term research activities with the aim of achieving concise result(s).

L. Meltzer Research Fund

A research grant designed to promote the academic activities of the University of Bergen and to support especially gifted students at the University.

Financial, Academic, and International Scholarship

A scholarship scheme for outsnading native German or Germany-based students and researchers.


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